Governance Model

Connacht Rugby is governed within a clear structure and hierarchy, with a number of committees and groups trusted to ensure continuing good governance, accountability and excellence at all levels. Three groups entrusted with oversight and the accountability of the overall performance of the organisation, are the Council of Connacht Rugby, the Board of Connacht Rugby, and the Governance & Nominations Committee

The Council

The Council of Connacht Rugby provides enhanced oversight of the organisation. It is led by the President of Connacht Rugby and, among other areas, oversees the Board and Governance & Nominations Committee, and ratifies new appointments to the Board of Connacht Rugby.

Members of the Council include former Presidents of the IRFU and Connacht, Club and School delegates, IRFU representatives, the Secretary of the Schools and Referees Sub-Committees, and the current Senior & Junior Vice-President of the IRFU.


The Board

Board members are selected or co-opted and then ratified on a three-year term with the potential of a second three-year term. The Chief Executive Officer sits on the Board. To ensure continuity there is a staggered transitional arrangement, and there is the scope for additional co-options to the Board if required.

The members of the Board are the Chairperson of the Board, and Chairpersons of the Finance Audit & Risk Committee, Professional Rugby Committee, Club & Community Committee, Commercial Committee, Operations Committee and Ordinary Board Members.

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Governance & Nominations Committee

The GNC has three members - nominated one each by the Council of Connacht Rugby, the Management Committee of the IRFU and the Board of Connacht Rugby. Their role is as follows:

  • Set the governing standards to be exercised by the Board.
  • Observe the Board fosters an ethical culture that permeates all parts of Connacht Rugby
  • Annually review the structure, size and composition of the Board and Standing Committees
  • Establish a competency framework for the Board and Committees
  • Keep under review the leadership needs of Connacht Rugby
  • Consider the training and development needs of the Board and Committee members.
  • Consider succession planning for the Board, Standing Committees and Sub-Committees.
  • Based on an appropriate board competency framework, the GNC is responsible for the selection of appropriately qualified persons to the Board.
  • The GNC reports to the Council annually on governance practices.

Current members are Jim Foy (Chair), Gerry O'Neill and Pat Piggott.

Both teams shake hands after the match 20/3/2018

Board Members

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Standing Committees

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Constitution & Bye-Laws

Read the Connacht Rugby Constitution and Bye-Laws as adopted by the Council.