Our Values

Ambition. Belief. Community. The three pillars of the Connacht Way.


At Connacht we strive for "the relentless pursuit of better".

What does this mean?

It means we have the ambition and determination to succeed, no matter the level and no matter the obstacle.

It's an ambition to purse better for ourselves, our family and our community.


Our belief stems from our past, and our future.

It is a belief through our history, which is defined by resilience, adaptability and toughness.

And it is a belief in what we are capable of doing in the future, both individually and collectively.



At Connacht Rugby, our community takes many forms.

For us, it is about our collective. It's not just the collective of our teammates or fans. It's our neighbours, our colleagues, our family and friends both near and far.

It forges a sense of identity, and gives us a cause for who we represent.

Our Purpose

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The New Dexcom Stadium

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Our Vision

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