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Club & School Affiliated Referees

It is IRFU policy (since 2005) that all rugby played within the Laws of the Game (incl. U19 Variations) is refereed by:

• Members of the Branch Referee Associations / Society or
• Affiliated referees of the Branch.

These are defined as Adult persons (18 years +) who:

2.1 Are qualified and appointed, by a school or club, (to referee a match, or training session) to which they are affiliated
2.2 Are qualified and appointed by their school or club (or requested by the Branch) to a ‘blitz’ or similar tournament in which their school or club is participating
2.3 Are not available for appointment to matches by the Branch or Branch Referee Associations / Society

(Club & School Affiliated Referees may also apply, if they wish, for full membership of their Provincial Referee Associations/Society).

Qualification Requirements

Club & School Affiliated Referees qualify by:
3.1 Attendance at IRFU Club & School Affiliated Referee Workshop
3.2 Database registration
3.3 Qualification is valid for 4 Seasons (inclusive of initial season of validation.)
3.4 Qualification must be renewed during 4th Season (i.e: Workshop re-attendance).


4.1 Accreditation ‘card’ (email) with re-validation (expiry) season
4.2 Registered on IRFU/Provincial database as Club & School Affiliated Referees
4.3 Access via the IRFU website on all Law changes and rulings
4.4 IRFU 3rd party liability insurance.

Overall Rationale

5.1 Improve the game and refereeing standards
5.2 Address safety issues
5.3 Formalise the status of these referees


The Club & School Affiliated Referee must:

• Keep up to date on all Law Changes & Rulings (these are updated regularly on both IRFU website and on the IRB website)
• Ensure their re-accreditation in the appropriate season (through their Branch, details on the IRFU website).


For More Information Please Contact

Peter Fitzgibbon (Referee Development Officer)

086 8322987

[email protected] 


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