Club and School Affiliate Referees

It is IRFU policy that all domestic rugby matches must only be refereed by:

•         Members of the Branch Referee Associations/Society

•         Club & School Affiliated Referees

The IRFU policy on Club and School Affiliate Referees:

Important Notes

  • Clubs and Schools are responsible for the appointment of Club & School Referees when there is no branch referee association / society referee available. 
  • The Branch Referee Associations / Society have no involvement of any kind with Club and School Affiliate Referees.  Club and School Affiliate Referees are a club and school resource and responsibility only. 
  • Should Club and School Affiliate Referees wish to become a branch referee they should make contact with their local Referee Development Officer.

Benefits to the game

Club or School

  • Their affiliate referees are covered by insurance.
  • Safer environment for their players.
  • Better quality of matches for their players.


  • Safer and more controlled playing environment.
  • More enjoyable environment for their players with legitimate contest and continuity maintained.


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