Club Support Scheme Explained

The Club Support Scheme is the IRFU grant system for clubs. There are 4 Categories which clubs may be awarded grants in. They are as follows;

  1. Divisional Grant – clubs are granted money on the basis of what division they currently play in. Clubs must meet certain criteria to access the full grant available to them.
  2. Coach Development Grant – clubs are awarded grants based on the coaching accreditation (IRFU Coaching Courses only) of their coaches. This is issued directly by the IRFU.
  3. AIL League Grant – AIL clubs are issued a travel grant depending on their geographic location.
  4. Adult Participation Grant – Clubs are awarded for fielding extra adult teams from the previous year. In other words, if Club A had 2 adult teams in the 11-12 Season and that figure became 3 adult teams in 12-13 they will receive a Participation Grant in 13-14 Season. Clubs also gain participation awards for fielding adult female teams.

Below is a timeline of how the Club Support Scheme works:

 Timeline of CCS

To see a full breakdown of the Club Support Scheme for the 2012-13 (including grant amounts) Season please click here.


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