Connacht Performance Programme

From our inspiring leaders to yours: This programme brings the benefits of Connacht Rugby’s understanding of how to put together a high-performing team.

Join the Connacht Rugby leadership team, including Andy Friend, Pete Wilkins and a host of our innovative and inspiring leaders to learn how to energize, focus and performance manage your greatest asset; your employees. 

As an organisation we have employees and coaches with a variety of backgrounds who have a wealth of knowledge that are transferable to corporate organisations. Therefore, we have designed this programme as an interactive and engaging employee engagement programme for your colleagues and the wider business. The content from these sessions can also be shared internally to help improve the overall performance and wellbeing of all employees.

The programme is made up of a number of seminars focusing on behaviours, habits, nutrition, higher performance and resilience. In this series of seminars we explore the many factors that can increase the performance and wellbeing of employees and provide the tools and resources to maintain this.

Available Modules

  • Building New Behaviours
  • High Performance and Resilience
  • The Language of Successful Coaching
  • Building a Philosophical Framework
  • Nail the Nutrition Basics
  • Skill Development
  • Nutrition, Health & Wellbeing: The Science of Food
  • The Power of Messaging
  • Creatures of Habit
  • The Art of Performance Review
  • Guided Meditation
  • Finding Your Way and Your Why

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