Mini Summer Camps

Connacht’s domestic wing – The Rugby Dept – is focused on the development of talent all year round, not just over the winter months.

To better enhance underage players’ rugby experience a number of training camps run post-season and pre-season to build on various facets of the game picked up while playing, and hone skills for the season to come.

Summer camps specifically-tailored to youngsters in their first and second seasons cater for those aged 6 to 12. The week-long clinics run throughout the province in various clubs and schools and accommodate more advanced skills levels also. While inexperienced youngsters get to grips with rugby’s fundamental skills, those who are in their fourth, fifth and sixth seasons can test their rugby repertoire in other positions, test themselves in live-action decision-making drills, and start to press their impact on game situations.

Summer camp brochures are available in the spring on the Connacht website and through youth/mini club liaison officers. See your nearest rugby club for details.

Youth Clinics

This summer welcomed the advent of a new Connacht initiative based on summer camp format but geared more toward those aged 13, 14 and 15.

A pilot programme proved successful in Galway in June 2012, and the Rugby Dept looks forward to better streamlining and expanding it for the end of this winter coming. See post-season website for more details.

Elite Development Programmes

Elite training development sessions, run over successive Mondays and Tuesdays for the duration of the secondary school summer holidays, target the province’s most promising 14, 15 and 16-year-olds.

Selected from matchday performances and Connacht screening sessions, elite development programmes introduce youngsters to the rigours and demands of serious sport. Aside from a hefty focus on tactics, on-field decision-making and technical subtleties the programme also covers optimum nutrition, hydration, and injury prevention and conditioning. Numbers comprise about 50 per season.


Mini-Rugby between Ballina RFC and Loughrea RFC