Chairman Phone 087 2640619
Pat Piggott Email [email protected] 
Honorary Secretary Phone 087 8405106
Johnny Brennan Email [email protected]
Recording Secretary Phone 086 2456272
Kevin Moore Email [email protected]
IRFU Youths Delegte Phone  087 2544335
Brian Mescal Email [email protected] 
Competition Sub Committee GeorginaCostello   
  Gerry Conway  
  James Quirke  
  Kevin Moore  
U18 Coordinator Gerry Conway  
U17 Coordinator Ted Carty  
U16 Coordinator John Davey  
U15 Coordinator Fred Flynn  
U14 Coordinator Kevin O’Malley  
U13 Coordinator James Quirke  


IRFU Add ‘Competition Stage’ To Roadmap For Clubs With September Return Planned