Digital Ticketing Service

  • What’s happening?

    From the start of the new season Connacht Rugby are moving to a new Digital Ticketing Service. This means that all Season Tickets and Match Tickets that you purchase will be securely stored in your own private digital account, and can then be accessed on your phone, just like other digital tickets such as for concerts or flights

  • Why the move to Digital Ticketing?

    There are numerous benefits by moving to Digital Ticketing. Not only is it more efficient for our supporters and our stewards, thereby reducing queuing time, it’s also more secure, safe, and allows for contactless entry into The Sportsground. It allows Connacht Rugby to enhance our security protocols to keep you safe while watching the game. It’s also environmentally friendly, thanks to the vast reduction in paper waste.

  • How do I access my Season Tickets?

    All you need to do is click on the link emailed to you and create an account using the same email address that you used to purchase your Season Tickets. Once your account is created and you have logged in, all of your Season Tickets will be there waiting for you!

  • What’s the quickest way to access my Season Ticket on matchday?

    With just a few taps on your phone you can add the link to your account directly onto your iPhone or Android home screen. A step-by-step guide on how to do this is included below. This process will allow you to access your Season Ticket when you need and within seconds.

  • I have more than one Season Ticket on my account. Can I transfer the other Season Tickets to those ticket holders?

    Yes. In the step-by-step guide you will see how you can permanently send a digital Season Ticket or Match Ticket to another email address. That person will then be sent a link to create an account of their own. Once their account has been created, their Season Ticket or Match Ticket will be transferred from your account to theirs.

  • I can’t attend a match, can I share my Season Ticket to others for that game?

    Yes! We have made it easier to temporarily share your own Season Ticket to someone using the Digital Ticketing Service. You also have the ability to take your ticket back whenever you want using the Digital Ticketing Service. A step-by-step guide on how to do this is also below.

  • Are you still offering standard physical season tickets or match tickets?

    No, from now on all Season Tickets and Match Tickets will be delivered to supporters using the Digital Ticketing Service, who can then access their tickets via their iPhone or Android device.

  • I created an account and I can’t see my tickets.

    Please ensure that you created an account using the same email address you used when purchasing your Season Ticket. If your tickets are still not visible, then please contact us at seasontickets@connachtrugby.ie. Please allow up to 3 working days for us to respond to your query.

  • Will this ticket be eligible for the pre-season friendly at Athlone on Friday Sept 26th?

    Yes. At the gates of Dubarry Park our stewards will scan your new Season Ticket which is located on your account and visible through your iPhone or Android device.

  • I’m still having issues, what can I do now?

    Drop us an email at seasontickets@connachtrugby.ie and we’ll be more than happy to help. Please allow up to 3 working days for us to respond to your query.

Gift Vouchers

  • Why should I buy a Connacht Rugby gift voucher?

    Have you a big rugby fan in your life and you’re struggling to think of a gift for them? Well, Connacht Rugby has just the thing!

    By gifting this gift voucher, you’re giving them the freedom to choose which Connacht Rugby home game they’d like to put their gift voucher towards without the hassle of wondering if they’re available on that date!

    Or if they'd like to put the money towards a season ticket.

  • Where can I buy a Connacht Rugby gift voucher?

    You can purchase Connacht Rugby gift vouchers HERE

  • How are Connacht Rugby gift vouchers sent?

    The gift vouchers are emailed to you in a PDF format which you can print off or forward onto the lucky recipient.

    Connacht Rugby will not be issuing any physical gift card.

  • Do Connacht Rugby gift vouchers need to be activated?

    No. Our gift vouchers are automatically activated at the time of purchase.

  • What can I redeem my Connacht Rugby gift voucher against?

    Connacht Rugby gift vouchers are redeemable on all Connacht Rugby home games and season tickets.

    Please note our vouchers are not redeemable against any merchandise.

  • How do I use my Connacht Rugby gift voucher?

    Go to the Connacht Rugby website and add your desired product(s) to your basket.

    When you’re in the checkout, you’ll find a “Gift Voucher Code” field where you can enter your 16-digit voucher code. Make sure to select “Add Voucher” so that the value of the voucher can be taken away from your checkout total.

    Connacht Rugby gift vouchers can only be used online. They will not be accepted over-the-phone nor at the gate.

  • Can I purchase more than 1 gift voucher at a time?


  • Can I use more than one gift voucher at a time?

    Yes, you can. You just need to enter each of the 16-digit codes you have and make sure you select “Add Voucher” after entering each code.

  • Can I use my gift voucher to purchase another gift voucher?

    No. Your gift voucher cannot be redeemed against other gift vouchers.

  • How can I check that balance of my gift voucher?

    Each gift voucher holder is responsible for the tracking of their gift voucher balance.

  • For how long will my Connacht Rugby gift voucher be valid?

    Your Connacht Rugby gift voucher is valid for 5-years from the date of purchase.

Season Ticket FAQs

  • How do I contact Connacht Rugby regarding Season Tickets?

    Ticket Sales



    01 653 3914

    091 447 751


  • What are the key dates?


    Renewal Period February 28th - April 10th All 22/23 Season Ticket Holders can renew their ticket
    Early Bird April 11th - May 28th Remaining Season Tickets released for a flash sale
    General Sale May 28th - September 2023 Last chance to buy Season Tickets

  • How do I log in to renew my Season Ticket for the 23/24 Season?

    Click HERE and log in using your email address and password you use when logging into the Digital Ticketing Platform for your tickets.

  • I cannot remember what email address I use for my Season Ticket(s).

    If you open your account on the Digital Ticketing Platform and select the menu icon (three horizonal lines) on the top-right of the screen, you’ll be able to see what email address you are logged in with.

  • I cannot remember my password.

    You’ll need to reset your password. Do this by opening the Digital Ticketing Platform. If you’re already logged in, you’ll need to select the menu icon (three horizonal lines) on the top-right of the screen and choose “Logout”. Once on the log in page, select “Forgot Credentials”, enter your email address and follow the instructions in the email.

  • Can I renew my ticket(s) under a new email address?

    You can do this by permanently transferring all tickets from your current email address on the digital ticketing platform to your new email address. This is done by the following steps:

    1. Open your 22/23 Season Ticket order
    2. Select the share icon that is in the blue summary box above the tickets
    3. Tick each of the boxes so that you’re sending all the tickets at once
    4. Enter your details and your new email address in the fields below
    5. Log out of your current account by selecting the menu icon (three horizonal lines) on the top-right of the screen and choose “Logout”
    6. Then select “Create Account” and make an account with your new email address
    7. Log in with the new email and password
    8. Accept the tickets by selecting your name that will be displayed on the screen
    9. Go back to the 23/24 Season Ticket purchase page
    10. Log in with your new email and password
    11. Renew your 23/24 Season Tickets
    12. Please email seasontickets@connachtrugby.ie explaining that you have carried these steps out so that the processed can be finalised in the back end

    Please note, that if you call to renew your Season Ticket(s) with a new email address, your 22/23 Season Tickets will still be associated with your old email and will not be on the same account as your 23/24 order.

  • What location can I renew my 23/24 Season Ticket?

    When you log in to renew your ticket, the location of your current 22/23 ticket will automatically populate for you.

  • I want to change location, what are my options?

    Clan Stand: Only those who have a 22/23 Season Ticket for the Clan can renew for the Clan. If you want to move to the Clan, you will need to purchase a ticket for your current area and request a relocation through the “Relocate to another area” field.

    Main Stand: If you have a ticket for elsewhere and would like to renew for the Main Terrace, you can do so via 01 653 3914 or 091 447 751.

    Enclosure: If you have a ticket for elsewhere and would like to renew for the Enclosure, you can do so via 01 653 3914 or 091 447 751.

    Grant Thornton Seated Stand: If you have a ticket for elsewhere and would like to renew for the Grant Thornton, you can do so via 01 653 3914 or 091 447 751.

  • Will there be a relocation period?

    Clan Stand: Successful applicants will be contacted in mid-April 2023.

    Main Stand/Enclosure/Grant Thornton: Can be done during the renewal period.

  • I buy my friend(s)/family member(s) their ticket(s). I transferred their ticket(s) to them and now I can only renew my own.

    The transferring option gives the ticket holder ownership of the ticket. The ticket holder can then only renew their own ticket. Should you wish to purchase their ticket(s) for them, you can call 01 653 3914 or 091 447 751.

  • I accidentally transferred my ticket to someone instead of sharing temporarily and now I cannot renew.

    You will need to request that that person permanently transfers that ticket back to you, so that you can re-gain ownership. However, if you buy more than one ticket and now your order has been split, you will need to call 01 653 3914 or 091 447 751 to renew.

  • I have temporarily shared my ticket. How can I get it back so I can renew?

    You can claim your ticket back by selecting the RED share icon that is at the bottom of your ticket, just above “Additional Information” and then select the person’s name. However, if the ticket has only been shared temporarily, you still have ownership of the ticket and can renew it.

  • How do I know if I have transferred or shared my ticket?

    If you’ve transferred your ticket, you will no longer see the QR code on your account. If the ticket has been temporarily shared, then the QR code of the shared ticket will be blocked by a message saying, “Ticket Shared” and the name of the person you’ve sent it to.

  • Can I buy an extra Season Ticket for my friend/family member?

    During the renewal period, you can only renew up to the same number of tickets you had for the 22/23 season. Should you wish to purchase extra, you will need to wait until the Early Bird period beings, pending availability. If you wish to purchase an extra ticket in the Clan Stand, you will need to email seasontickets@connachtrugby.ie to be put on a waiting list.

  • My 23/24 QR code is blocked.

    You'll notice that your QR code(s) for the 23/24 season are currently blocked. These will become available before the beginning of the 23/24 season.

  • Can I get a physical ticket?

    Connacht Rugby no longer issue physical tickets as we have made the move to digital ticketing. There will be an option to print your QR code from the Digital Ticketing Platform. Further details on this will be outlined once the 23/24 QR codes are sent. You can access yours by loggin into your account on the Digital Ticketing Platform.

  • Payment Plans - How do I opt for a payment plan?

    When at the checkout, you can choose to pay for your Season Ticket(s) by instalments each month. You will need to have your IBAN to hand in order to set up the direct debit.

    There is no interest charged on the remaining balance.

  • Payment Plans - Do I need to pay a deposit?

    Yes. You will need to pay a deposit which is 20% of the value of your checkout basket in order to activate the payment plans.

  • Payment Plans - Are there hidden fees or interest?

    There is a small transaction fee for every payment made, which is charged by our payment plan provider, Go Cardless. These will be highlighted before you finalise your order.

  • Payment Plans - Can I use a card or cash payments instead of direct debit?

    The payment plan option is only available via direct debit.

  • Payment Plans - How much is each instalment?

    After you’ve successfully paid the 20% deposit, the remaining balance is split evenly into instalments that are paid once a month. Your schedule of payments will be displayed before you finalise your order. This will also be emailed to you once the order is confirmed.

  • Payment Plans - How often do I pay the instalments?

    The instalments will be collected from your account by direct debit on or shortly after the 1st day of every month. The final instalment will be collected on August 1st.

  • Payment Plans - How many instalments will I make?

    This depends on when you buy your ticket(s).

    For example, if you set up the instalments on March 15th, the first instalment will be taken on April 1st and the last on August 1st, i.e., you pay 5 instalments.

    OR if you choose to buy a Season Ticket on June 19th, the first instalment is paid of July 1st and the last on August 1st, i.e., there are 2 instalments.

  • Payment Plans - Can I use my Connacht Rugby Gift Voucher and also pay by instalments?

    Yes. Once you've entered your gift voucher code into the relevant field and the gift voucher amount has been taken away from your total, your deposit and instalments will then be calculated from your new balance.

  • Payment Plans - I’m having an issue setting up my payment plan.

    If this is the case, then please contact Connacht Rugby via seasontickets@connachtrugby.ie or calling 091 447 751.

  • Payment Plans - Can I set up the payment plans over the phone with Connacht Rugby?

    No. Payment plans can only be set up online by the customer. Connacht Rugby is unable to set up direct debits for customers.

  • Payment Plans - I have completed my order using payment plans. What's next?

    Once you've completed the payment plan set up, you'll receive a confirmation email from Go Cardless outlining the instalment schedule. This email can take approximately 4 hours to come through and maybe even longer on weekends/bank holidays. 

  • Payment Plans - When will I receive my 23/24 Season Ticket?

    On receipt of the final instalment, your 23/24 Season Ticket(s) will be released to your account. The ticket(s) will then be available on the Digital Ticketing Platform.

  • Payment Plans - Can I add more tickets partway through a payment plan?

    No. Any additional tickets will require a separate payment plan.

  • Payment Plans - Can I pay off a part or all of my payment plan early?

    No. We cannot facilitate early payment of your balance.

  • Payment Plans - I decided part-way through my plan that I do not wish to proceed. Can I be refunded?

    Although direct debits can be cancelled before completion, this will result in no Season Ticket being issued, and no entitlement to a refund will arise, as per the terms and conditions of the payment plans.

Stadium FAQs

  • What’s the latest on the stadium?

    As of November 2022, Phase 1 has been completed with the installation of a new state-of-the-art synthetic pitch and LED floodlight system.

    Phase 2, consisting of a High Performance Centre and new North Stand, is currently in the Public Procurement Phase with a view to construction beginning in 2023.

    Phase 3, consisting of an expansion of the current Main Stand, will then be reviewed upon completion of Phase 2.

  • What will the new facility consist of and how will it be built?

    The New Sportsground will be constructed across four distinct phases.

    Phase 1, as outlined above, involves the laying of a new artificial surface and the installation of a new LED floodlight system.

    Phase 2 will see the construction of a state-of-the-art High Performance Centre, which will give every Connacht Rugby squad the facilities that will help them prepare to their fullest potential and to perform at the highest level.

    Phase 2 also sees the construction of a new North Stand, replacing the existing Clan Terrace. This stand will contain a mix of standing terraces, covered seating and hospitality areas with a capacity of over 7,000 supporters.

    Phase 3 will see the redevelopment of the current Main Stand. This will include raising the floor level of the terrace, and extend the current standing area and the roof to both ends of the ground.

  • Why choose to redevelop The Sportsground instead of moving elsewhere?

    In 2017 Connacht Rugby commissioned an expert group to carry out a Stadium Composition Study to identify the optimum location, composition and design of a new stadium, as well as an independent cost benefit analysis.

    This study identified three locations, including the current site at The Sportsground. As part of the study a major survey was also carried out with Connacht Rugby supporters, to examine the wants and needs of a matchday supporter. 

    The results of this survey, as well as the findings of the Stadium Composition Study, all determined that a redevelopment of the current site at The Sportsground was the unanimous option.

  • What’s the timeline of the development?

    Once the Public Procurement Phase is completed and a contractor is appointed, a two-year build for Phase 2 will begin in 2023.

    The first step in Phase 2 is the new High Performance Centre which will be built beside the existing gym and replaces the current training pitch. This will take approximately 12 months.

    Then work will immediately begin in summer 2024 on the new North Stand. This will involve the demolition of the current Clan Terrace and clubhouse, and this too will take approximately 12 months.

    Phase 2 is scheduled to be completed in summer 2025.

  • Will Connacht continue to play fixtures at the ground during the redevelopment?

    Yes. The decision to redevelop the facility on a phased basis across a number of years will ensure that Connacht Rugby will continue to play our home URC and EPCR fixtures at The Sportsground.

  • Who owns The Sportsground?

    The freehold title of The Sportsground is owned by the Galway Agricultural & Sports Society (GASS) of which Connacht Rugby is a shareholder. GASS will lease The Sportsground to Greyhound Racing Ireland and onto Connacht Rugby Stadium Ltd.  The leases will see greyhound racing and rugby continue at The Sportsground.

  • Why a synthetic surface?

    There are a number of benefits on moving to a synthetic surface. 

    • It enables Connacht Rugby to remain at The Sportsground while construction is ongoing. 
    • It will allow Connacht Rugby and all its squads (Pro, Women, Academy, Emerging Talent, Age Grade, Provincial Talent Squad, and National Talent Squad) to continue to train and play at The Sportsground into the future
    • Already, the players are enjoying the new surface and are benefiting from the added home advantage it provides. 
    • The quicker pitch will suit the fast style of rugby Connacht are known for! 

  • What will be the new capacity?

    Upon completion of the redevelopment, the stadium will have a capacity in the region of 12,000 spectators, with more than 5,000 seats.

  • How will the redevelopment be funded?

    With Phase 1 now completed, the next phase will cost in the region of €30 million. Government is providing €20 million in grants via the Department's Large Scale Sports Infrastructure Fund and Project 2040. The remaining monies will be funded by Connacht Rugby donations, reserves and credit facilities.