The Connacht Rugby Summer Camps, sponsored by Galway Free Range Eggs, are well under way with the remaining camps at Westport RFC, Monivea RFC, Ballina RFC and Creggs RFC all completely booked up. 9-year-old Fionnán Sweeney from Claremorris, Co. Mayo had a brilliant week at the Connacht Rugby Summer Camp at Castlebar RFC and took the time to write about his week.


Hi, my name is Fionnán Sweeney. I spent last week at the Connacht Rugby Summer Camp at Castlebar Rugby Club. I play mini rugby with Claremorris Colts RFC and my Dad got an email about this Camp. I really like rugby so I wanted to do the Camp.


I got up on Monday morning at half eight. I was tired after my soccer training on Sunday. I got dressed in my Colts rugby gear and ate my breakfast. My Dad brought me to the Camp. We arrived at the Camp at twenty past nine. It was raining. The people at the Camp gave us our kit, which was very nice. We got a jersey, shorts, socks and free tickets to a match. We were all split into groups with different coaches. Then we started training. They were giving us instructions and advice on how to play better but I knew some all already as my Dad is a mini rugby coach. Then we played a match. My Mom collected me afterwards and I was soaked wet because it rained the whole day.


On Tuesday I got up again at half eight and got ready. My Aunty brought me to the Camp because my parents were in Dublin on business. We were split into teams again and did more training with the coaches. We finished the day with a match and my Aunty brought me back to her house in Balla.


On Wednesday I got up at half seven in my Aunt’s house. I got my breakfast and she brought me to the Camp again. On this day they gave us a rugby ball that was signed my some players. I still didn’t know everyone in my group. It was dry on Wednesday and we did more training and played a match. My Aunty collected me again and I went back to her house until my Mom came home from Dublin.


Thursday, I woke up before nine o clock and my Mom brought me to the Camp. It wasn’t raining that day but it was kind of drizzling. Again we did training for the whole day and played a match at the end. I was very tired as we did a lot of running and I found it very hard.


Friday was my last day.  My Uncle brought me to the Camp this day. We did piggy back races and other things like that. I got a dead leg from doing that. It was a really fun day and I really enjoyed it.

I will definitely do this Connacht Rugby Camp next year. Hope it will come to Claremorris. I really enjoyed this year. I think it has helped me a lot.

– Fionnán Sweeney, age 9, Claremount, Claremorris, County Mayo.

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We also caught up with Kevin Towey, Managing director of Galway Free Range Eggs and new sponsors of the Connacht Rugby Summer Camps to find out more about the company and why the link up appealed to them. Watch the Connacht Rugby senior players join in on the Summer Camp activities as the young campers put them through their paces.

Connacht Rugby Summer Camps Video


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