Women’s Rugby has developed into one of the fastest growing sports in the Country. Over the last few years Tag Rugby has been introduced to numerous Schools around the Province..
Due to the continued growth and success of Tag Rugby in the secondary schools, a “Girls Schools Rugby Initiative” was proposed to link in with this previous Scheme. This competition will involve school areas in Connacht that will participate in the Tag Rugby Programme as well as well as schools that have not had the opportunity to participate in previous I.R.F.U Schemes.


Girls Schools Rugby-

• Is a fast and exciting non contact game of Touch Rugby, encouraging the development of running, balancing and handling skills.
• Is a very flexible sport that can be played by any number of players and the pitch can be increased and reduced accordingly
• Can be played on a variety of surfaces.

Your school has the chance to be part of the Girls School’s League in the Province, so go on give it a go!!



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