Glynn Cup

The Glynn Cup rugby festival kicks off at 11 am on St Patrick’s day with over 30 teams from Corinthians and Galwegians competing for points in the Ryder Cup format. The Senior game will bring a curtain down on proceedings at 4pm and this year the clubs have come together to launch a website for the novel event. The website, has details of parking arrangements, match times and a history of the Glynn Cup which started in 1959.

New_Image2Glynn Cup fixtures (all games 40 minutes in duration bar the Senior match which is 60 minutes): Galwegians and Corinthians will meet in the following levels. 11am: Main Pitch: 3rd xv game; Top Pitch: Under 16 game. 11:45am Main Pitch: Under 21 game; Top Pitch: Under 14 game. 12:30am: Main Pitch Under 15sB; Top Ptich: Under 19s. 1:15pm: Main Pitch: 2nd xv; Top Pitch: Under 17s. 2pm: Main Pitch: Under 13s; Top Pitch: Under 15As. 2:45pm: Main Pitch: Under 9s & 10s; Top Pitch: Under 7s and 8s. 3:10pm: Main Pitch: Ladies: Top Pitch Under 11s and 12s. 4pm: Main Pitch: 1st xv.


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