Winter Worries? Whatever…

Sixty Gurteen and Curry National Schoolpupils braved a wild and wet Wednesday for a Lep rugby blitz on Sligo Sports Complex’s all-weather surface.

SligoblitzDec11e_640x246Where other schools deemed the wintry elements too much,SligoblitzDec11a_640x396 Gurteen and Curry’s hardy youngsters would have faced much worse before turning tail, said Sligo Rugby Club CCRO Ross Mannion.

He was delighted with the turnout despite the weather.

“It was great to get so many out on such a horrible day and I must thank John Hughes from Gurteen N.S and Pascal Gallagher from Curry for supporting the event and travelling to Sligo for it.


“Hopefully, both schools will return for our main blitz in March along with more Sligo national schools.”

Mannion commended local Sligo rugby nuts Gavin Foley and Daniel Hawkins for refereeing throughout the day.



The Jes reach last four with last minute winner