Ireland women’s rugby player Claire Molloy tells us about training with the men’s Connacht team over the summer and playing with and against England’s leading players for her club Bristol. In a video interview she talks about training in Galway and how time is flying by as Ireland prepare for the World Cup. The video is thanks to Irish Rugby TV

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The backrow who is relatively new to the Irish team with six caps  says that time is flying in the Irish camp.

“Time has gone so quickly while we have been preparing. I am studying in Wales in Cardiff and back at home in Galway for the summer trying to work and train. I am lucky that Carol Stuanton (another Irish player) is here so we can train together and it makes a world of difference having someone to train with. We are both flankers and we played together at Connacht and we know each other well and match each other well and its very beneficial.”

She also praises the support she gets from her province.

“The Connacht branch have been really great at facilitating us and even invited us to the men’s sessions and we have taken part in some of their sessions which has been great. They are professionals and they show us how they train and it was a bit improvement for us to train with a bunch of people as opposed to just two.”

Molloy plays her club rugby in Bristol while she is studying in Wales so she has insider knowledge on the English players Ireland will face in their pool games.

“I have been playing in the English premiership with Bristol and playing with the England captain and they are great players to play with and awful to play against. It’s a great standard to play against.”


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