The survey is part of the ongoing process to review the domestic game structures as part of the IRFU Strategic plan and of the current AIB League review process.

The survey will be asking anybody with an involvement in the game to make their voice heard and shape the directions of the structures into the future.

Scott Walker, IRFU Domestic Game Manager, said: “Rugby has seen a massive surge in popularity over the last 10 years in Ireland at all levels of the game.

“But as the game has grown, so have the appetites and circumstances of how people involved in the game ‘consume’ their rugby.

“What we are hoping to achieve through the survey is a broad picture of how the people, who form the foundations of the game, experience their rugby.”

The survey will be asking tailored questions for each of the specified roles that stakeholders may have within rugby including coaches, ex-players, current players, referees and supporters.

The questions will vary from examining how many games are played by players, when they are played, how long supporters spend travelling to games and what the relevant groups would see as an ideal structure for domestic rugby competitions in the future.

The IRFU are keen to further understand how their experience of the game is influenced, why they remain involved in rugby and also why they may have become less involved.

“While we will be looking for this information to help us, ultimately the opinions that we will receive will go a long way to helping stakeholders enjoy their rugby in a way that they feel is best,” added Walker.

“This is the opportunity for the rugby public across Ireland to have their say on how they want their game to grow and what changes may need to take place to make that happen.”

The online survey can be accessed through the IRFU website at


Mini-Rugby between Ballina RFC and Loughrea RFC