21/10/2007 Loughrea  v Ballinrobe
  Ballinasloe  v Creggs
  UCG  v Dunmore
  Ballyhaunis  v Gort
  Portumna  v Carrick-on-Shannon
   Free   Connemara
28/10/2007 Connemara  v UCG
  Gort  v Ballinasloe
  Creggs  v Portumna
  Carrick  v Loughrea
  Dunmore   v Ballyhaunis
   Free   Ballinrobe
04/11/2007 Connemara  v Loughrea
  UCG  v Portumna
  Ballyhaunis  v Ballinasloe
  Dunmore  v Ballinrobe
  Gort  v Carrick
   Free   Creggs
11/11/2007 Connemara  v Ballinasloe
  Gort  v Loughrea
  Creggs  v Ballinrobe
  UCG  v Ballyhaunis
  Dunmore  v Portumna
   Free   Carrick
18/11/2007 Ballinrobe  v Gort
  Loughrea  v Dunmore
  Ballinasloe  v UCG
  Portumna  v Connemara
  Carrick  v Creggs
   Free   Ballyhaunis
02/12/2007 Ballinrobe  v Carrick
  Loughrea  v Creggs
  Ballinasloe  v Dunmore
  Ballyhaunis  v Connemara
  Portumna  v Gort
   Free   UCG
09/12/2007 Ballinrobe   v Connemara
  Loughrea  v UCG
  Creggs  v Gort
  Portumna  v Ballyhaunis
  Carrick  v Dunmore
   Free   Ballinasloe
20/01/2008 Connemara  v Carrick
  Ballinasloe  v Portumna
  UCG  v Ballinrobe
  Ballyhaunis  v Loughrea
  Dunmore  v Creggs
   Free   Gort
02/02/2008 Ballinrobe  v Ballyhaunis
  Loughrea  v Ballinasloe
  Gort   v Dunmore
  Creggs  v Connemara
  Carrick  v UCG
   Free   Portumna
17/02/2008 Connemara  v Gort
  Ballinasloe  v Ballinrobe
  Portumna  v Loughrea
  UCG  v Creggs
  Ballyhaunis  v Carrick
   Free   Dunmore
24/02/2008 Ballinrobe  v Portumna
  Gort  v UCG
  Creggs  v Ballyhaunis
  Carrick  v Ballinasloe
  Dunmore  v Connemara
   Free   Loughrea


“I love the fact that events like this helps me stay in touch with my club back home” Connacht Rugby For The Love of The Club Event Leaves Worldwide Footprint