With volunteers at the heart of the club and schools game the effective management of this cohort is key to the successful running of rugby across the province. With this in mind member of Connacht Rugby’s off-field department (Lyndon Jones & Luke Murphy) recently attended the National Volunteer Management Conference which was hosted by Volunteer Ireland in Dublin Castle.
The key-note speech was given by the charismatic CEO of Volunteer Scotland George Thompson, who spoke about the need to develop in depth relationships with volunteers, and to try and understand their motivations for being involved. The insightful and entertaining lecture gave rise to some interesting concepts around the retention on volunteers across the sector and Club Support Manager Lyndon Jones had this to say about the speech:
“George’s key-note speech was a powerful reminder of the passion and work ethic that volunteers can bring to an organisation. His national role in connecting volunteer activity to a wide range of different needs puts him in a great place to be able to navigate through the various organisations that were represented at the conference”
The afternoon sessions saw a number of different workshops with delegates availing of talks from the likes of Volunteer Ireland’s Stuart Garland and Volunteer Centre Network’s Tricia Nolan on topics as far reaching as social medias role in educating volunteers, recognition ideas to help create a volunteer family and the introduction of e-vetting.
Overall the conference was a huge success with Lyndon adding:
“The range and scope of the conference has given us plenty of thoughts and ideas to work through as we try and improve the health of rugby clubs across the province of Connacht. There are many gems of information gleaned from the event that we will look to share with our clubs as we strive to better the club and schools game across the province.”


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