Girls Give it a Try

21 June 2017

Girls Give it a Try
As part of the ongoing legacy projects surrounding the upcoming Women’s Rugby World Cup, the IRFU are delighted to announce a new girls rugby programme which aims to support clubs wishing to set up girls rugby, or expand their current girls rugby section. Over the coming months we will see an increase in interest from girls who wish to try out rugby. The purpose of this programme is to ensure that these girls have somewhere to give rugby a try with the ultimate outcome of generating more female members in the club.

Clubs across Connacht are invited to apply to become a host for the IRFU “Give It A Try Girls Rugby Programme”. This programme is exclusively targeting girls aged 9-15 years in the local community and will kick off in June and July for six weeks (one day per week) of activities introducing players to tag, touch and full contact rugby. The IRFU will provide each club with necessary equipment (i.e. balls, cones, playing bibs and tags) as well as a six-week lesson plan for coaches. The IRFU may also provide promotional banners for the duration.

Clubs wishing to set up girls rugby, or expand their current girls rugby section, are encouraged to apply to be a part of the programme.

The following provides an outline of the Girls Rugby Programme.

  • Children are introduced to all forms of the game, tag, touch and contact rugby in a fun learning environment.

  • Each player contributes €10 to offset some of the cost for providing the programme.

  • All girls will receive a Give It A Try Girls Rugby t-shirt when they pay their €10 registration fee.

  • All players get to play in a Give It A Try Girls Rugby Festival at the end of the six-week programme.

Club Commitment

In order to be chosen as a venue for a ‘Give It A Try Girls Rugby Programme’, your club must commit to the following:

  • Overall club support essential (i.e. the Club President must sign off on this application).

  • Appoint a Programme Co-ordinator in the club who will run the Programme, be the point of contact in the club for; the parents of girls who wish to attend, the IRFU and the Provincial Women’s Development Officer.

  • Have two accredited coaches (Stage 1/Stage 2) who are available to coach the players for the six-week programme, one day per week. (Clubs may choose their own start date and time as long as the 6 weeks are finished by last week in August). Coaches must agree to meet with Provincial/IRFU personnel for a short 2 hour workshop prior to the Programme commencing.

  • Have appropriate facilities (i.e. changing rooms and toilets available).

  • Commitment to promote your Programme in your local area, including all local schools (the IRFU will provide posters to the Programme Co-ordinator to promote their club).


Clubs will receive the balls, bibs and cones free of charge from the IRFU.

Clubs should forward €10 per child to the IRFU to cover the cost of promotional material and a programme specific training t-shirt for each participant. The IRFU will issue an invoice to clubs to cover this cost at the end of the 6 week programme based on the number of players in the club attending (up to a max of €200).

How to Apply

Please complete the application form at the bottom of this PDF and return to the IRFU as soon as possible. All applications may be emailed to using ‘Give It A Try’ in the subject line.

If you have any further questions, please contact or phone Orla on 01 6473880.