New Referee Spotlight: Cristian Talos

24 October 2023

New Referee Spotlight: Cristian Talos

Want to become a Referee? The ARCB are holding a course for new Referees being held in Galway on Saturday, 11th November. If you would like to find out more about becoming a referee, or want to attend the course, the Referee Development Manager for Connacht, former international referee Peter Fitzgibbon is waiting to hear from you. He can be reached at or 086 8322 987.


New Referee Cristian Talos attended the referee course in Galway back in September. Cristian took some time to talk about his experience at the course and his time as a Referee in Connacht so far.


I was born in Transylvania and have been living in Galway for the past 18 years. I am married and have one daughter, also a rugby fanatic, and I work as a business development manager for Haleon.  If you see the Panadol car, I’m around!

What made you sign-up for the referee course?
I have been going to the Connaught games for years and have always been one of the loudest supporters in the stands. One day, one of my friends asked why won’t I take up a referee course if I’m so passionate about rugby. I didn’t think it was possible so I started looking up options. That’s how I found ARCB 

How did you enjoy the course?

The referee course brought together a lot of like minded individuals. I was delighted to be amongst a number of qualified referees and other rugby fans sharing similar interests. Peter Fitzgibbon has a great way of explaining to new referees how to apply the laws of the game, whistle tone and most importantly positioning.

What does being a referee mean to you? 

Firstly, free exercise! It’s such a demanding role to be a referee and you need to be fit and able to run the field! Secondly, you learn and apply rugby laws in every match. Lastly, without a referee there is no game and the sport needs our support to continue making it a successful choice for many young players out there.