07 March 2019

Women’s Rugby in Connacht is thriving like never before, and now Connacht Rugby is shining a light on all the great work that has been done in the past and is continuing to take place around the province to promote the female rugby stars of the future.
Every week you’ll get to read a bit about every club in Connacht that offers a Girls Rugby programme. You can find out about what they’ve done in the past, how many teams they have, what times they train and who are the people that bring Girls Rugby to life in the club.
This week we have Gort RFC, with text and pics with thanks to Majella Piggott.

Although Girls rugby is in its infancy at Gladiator Rugby it is going from strength to strength. Gort RFC or Gladiator Rugby has had a boys team for nearly 100 years and always had a strong mini representation. The girls traditionally played with the boys until they reached an age where it was no longer feasible.
It all came to a head in Sumer where two girls had come to a stage where it was no longer possible to play with the boys. One of these girls had played since she was 5 and the other joined the boys at U10. There was no youth team available in the club. It seemed the only option was for these girls to join another club that had an established girls’ team. The topic was discussed on the side line of a U11 camogie match in August 2015 and it became evident that there were a lot of other girls who would love to try rugby. After seeking guidance from Wendy Hickey Connacht Rugby, it was decided that we needed to persuade the legendary Garrett Piggott to take on the girls as his daughter was one of the instigators.

And so, it began in 2015/2016 we had U12 and U10 girls’ teams and numbers were strong. During that time The U12 girls got to play at half time of Ireland Vs Canada game, play the Aviva Blitz, Carton House Blitz and had two trips to the Sportsgrounds for the half time Show. Together with the U10 girls they participated in many regional blitzes. The girls had two great seasons of rugby and fun.
However in September 2017 numbers died off due to girls other commitments and in 2017/2018 season we only had 7 U13 girls and 3 U10 girls (who played with the boys). So, when the opportunity arose to participate in the Give It A Try for Girls in Summer 2018, it was embraced and as a result the 2018/2019 season saw numbers increasing and Gladiators girls had the opportunity to field teams and to compete in several blitzes and competitions.
Our U14 girls under the command of Garrett Piggott and Fraser Donaldson participated in the U14 Connacht League and Cup.

The U10 and U12 train together on a Saturday Morning at 10am at St Colman’s Pk. Training sessions are learning the skills and discipline of Rugby in a fun environment under the guidance of our hardworking coaches Fraser Donaldson, Sean Óg Duffy and Caroline McDevitt.
Being on the border of two counties and two provinces we have girls from Galway and Clare and Connacht and Muster. This also opens the gateway to play teams from Munster as some clubs are closer than most of our Connacht competitors. This year the U14 girls played Shannon RFC Limerick and Ennis RFC. Our U10 girls travelled to Richmond RFC Limerick for the first ever Munster U10 all girls blitz. Our U12 girls also got to play in the half time show in the Sportgrounds at one of Connachts matches where lifelong memories were made.
Traditionally girl’s rugby was not played at the local secondary school, but through hard work by members of the club, the PE teachers Aoife Lynskey and Brian O’Reilly and the CCRO Dermot Tierney this year saw for the first time Gort Community School partaking in an inter school’s competition. They entered a Junior Girls Rugby Team who played and won their first match last week. 20 girls togged out to make history for the South Galway and North Clare Secondary school.

Feedback from the girls and their parents has been positive, the general comment is in relation to the inclusivity of the sport and the great camaraderie experienced among the girls. Some of girls involved with the club also play Camogie, basketball and Gaelic football but fortunately training and matches do not clash because the various sports clubs try and work together realising the benefit one sport has to another. However, there are times after rugby matches you have girls changing to go to another match in another sport. This is also testament to the dedication shown by the girls.
As the season draws to a close we look forward to participating in the Give it a try programme again and keeping the passion quite evident among the girls alive with the prospect of more girls giving it a go. But of course, we would not be where we are today without the Trojan work of Majella Piggott and with her massive efforts recruiting girls and coaches, we have a strong and vibrant group of enthusiastic girls. Watch this space for future provincial and international rugby stars!!!