1-350Nora Stapleton came to Ballina Rugby Club on the 26th of October. Nora is the number ten on the Ireland women’s Rugby team. We gave her a warm welcome but, unfortunately, the weather was the complete opposite; rain, hail, wind and very cold. Typical Rugby weather I suppose.

Nora brought the Grand-slam Cup with her. It was shiny and when I went to lift it up it was very heavy.

We all left the Clubhouse and Nora came down to the main pitch where the girls train. We started by doing simple warm-ups even though by the end of it none of us were warm because of the rain! Then we did a passing drill where you have to run in a line while passing the ball. We also played a Tag game before we did tackling. Most girls think tackling would hurt but it doesn’t and it is so much fun. Nora gave us great tips about it such as bending down when being tackled so that the opposition cannot drive you back as much  and trying to sidestep the tackler. We finished the training session with a tackle session.

AlannaNora175After training we all went back to the Clubhouse to get warm. There were sandwiches and tea for Nora and the adults. There was also some cake and I managed to snatch a piece of it. I also had some tea to help me warm up.

After that Nora went down to the pitch to train the senior girls’ team. I watched them. I heard she gave them great tips too. And even though the weather was terrible everyone still had fun.

By Alanna Clotworthy. Age 10. Ballina RFC2-680


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