Rice College and Marist Athlone put on a Rocky-style titlefight on Tuesday afternoon, and while neither claimed Balboa or Creed naming rights, they followed suit with the film and set up a rematch royale.SnrSemi1_540x640

The magnificent battle ended 15-points apiece, Westport and Athlone’s schoolboy finest unable to break the deadlock in the final quarter.

Supermacs Connacht Schools cup rugby (if not rugby in general this winter) has suffered from the elements, waterlogged pitches and study schedules negating many a fixture.

SnrSemi3_640x306On Tuesday in Carrowholly however, the high-school rugby senior heavyweights unleashed their own elements for a spectacle easily-applicable to a grand final, let alone semi.

Domestic Rugby manager and Westport club stalwart Lyndon Jones praised both camps on their performances. While Marist looked the more complete team more often, he said, Rice College paid little heed to big name reputations opposite and simply refused to lose.

The semi-final shifts camp next time round to Athlone, where Marist will try to hammer home the advantage Rice had this week.



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