Player registration cards

Each club is entitled to nominate two (2) youth and mini registration officers.

These officers are your club’s direct link with the Connacht Branch for all player registration and registration card issues.

They should deal directly with Branch domestic liaison contacts Luke Murphy and domestic games manager Lyndon Jones.

Each club must have a minimum of one named delegate; we encourage two (2).

They shall each have full-time access to the IRFU player registration system. They are responsible for entering new player information and uploading player photos prior to card printing.

These cards are essential for all competitive fixtures and act as the foremost guarantee of player eligibility. The cards should accompany the team to all competitive fixtures and be available for presentation to either a match referee or opposition coach if eligibility is an issue. If an opposition player’s eligibility is challenged prior to or following a fixture the card may be presented as evidence of that player’s age and/or club affiliation. If the card is not available and cannot be presented, the challenging team may approach the Branch for confirmation of that player. If the Branch is unable to verify that player’s eligibility through the IRFU’s registration system the player and team in which he or she appeared may be sanctioned, and the match result may be null and void, and/or reversed.

The cards act as an on-site check-and-balance to satisfy and settle any and all player eligibility queries.

Printing of each card costs €4, the fee is payable to Connacht Rugby (domestic).

It is imperative that any detail entered by club delegates is accurate. Once entered and uploaded, club delegates cannot alter entered information. All amendments and corrections must thereafter go through Branch personnel. Do it once, do it right.

Most common pitfalls encountered include but are not limited to the following, be wary of these at all times:

i)   misspellings of first and surnames;

ii)  first names entered as surnames and surnames entered as firsts;

iii) females entered under the default M (male) setting;

iv) erroneous or incorrect birthdates, and;

v)  photos not matched with player details to which they refer.

Amendments and corrections are time-consuming and avoidable. Please ensure all reasonable efforts be undertaken to avoid any data entry errors.

Photo requirements are as follows:

i)   photo files should be emailed in .jpg format;

ii)  and files should be no smaller than 100KB and need be no greater than 300KB in size;

iii) they should be clearly labelled to avoid confusion. 

–  A photo featuring Lyndon Jones should be labelled LJones.jpg, LyndonJ.jpg, or with clearly identifiable variations thereof (LynJon.jpg, LyndonJon.jpg, LynJones.jpg), for example;NO_4b

iv)  they should be square or in portrait configuration, ie, higher/taller than they are wide/broad, see fig (iv);

v)   the featured face should fill the majority of the frame, and not feature a majority of empty space, see fig (v).NO_1c

Of nearly 120 squares marked in fig (v)’s right-hand image, only 20 of them feature the face. We need the face for identification, not the the jersey, not the background, and not the sky. Fill the frame with the face and neck please; 

vi)  it should show both eyes, full mouth, chin and full visible brow/forehead, (see fig (iv). Use the rule of thirds as a rough guide: eyes a third from the top, chin a third from the bottom (eg: far right above);

vii) it should be in colour, as natural as possible (see below for what to avoid); NO_2b

viii) and where possible be against a plain, neutral background.

–  We recommend natural light where possible for a crisper image, but this is a suggestion only and by no means a requirement.

While an ideal photo is better than any photo, any photo is better than no photo.

Many thanks from all at Connacht’s Rugby Dept.


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