Useful Tips for P.R.O.’s


As was the case last season, club PRO’s are asked to co ordinate the texting of match results and try/points scorers from the Junior league games and results from all other underage games during the season.   It is vital that we get every result from each club on a Sunday by 6pm throughout the season.  This applies to all teams not just those in contention for honours.


The club PRO must be considered one of the most important appointments of the year. A good appointee will ensure full coverage of notable events, matches, draws, social engagements etc. His/her work will lift the standing of your club in your area.

The Club PRO should establish a list of media contacts for press and radio. A list of useful contacts follows. However, if your local rugby correspondent is not listed in this Branch Book, it is your responsibility to source their contact details for your own use. Please inform the Branch Office to ensure their inclusion in next years Branch Book.

Find out how newspapers/radio stations would like to receive copy (i.e. by fax or by E-mail) and establish the best format for submitting the copy. It is also very important to establish their deadline times and deadline days for receiving copy.

When writing match reports the following should be noted:

  • Names should be written in full.
  • Scores should be included in the headline, (regardless if good or bad).
  • Reports should be made on all matches.
  • When compiling team listings for the newspaper it is advisable to use the following format in naming the team:

15,14,13,12,11,10,9,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and then substitutes as follows

16 Prop, 17 Hooker, 18 & 19 Utility Forwards,

20 Scrumhalf, 21 & 22 Utility Backs.

On important match days when there is more media interest it is important to ensure that up to date team lists are available. These should show any last minute changes etc. Ensure that the team numbers in the programme are the same as those on the pitch.

Do not assume that some third party will report on matches or events for you. It is up to you to make sure that all events are covered so give your contact due notice and a friendly reminder.

Please make every effort to provide good facilities for working reporters, ideally, covered accommodation on the sideline providing an unobstructed view of the playing area, and access to phone and other facilities in the clubhouse.

Please send all information to [email protected]


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