Referee Expenses


Please see criteria as agreed by the ARCB with the Connacht Branch finance Dept.

1.Pay out 3 times per season (December/March/May)
September 1st  – November 30th  this will be paid December
December 1st to Feb 28th this will be paid mid March
Feb 28th to May 31st payable mid June
Anything in off season that is allowable needs to be included in the Period 1 claims

2. Payments to be made by Electronic transfer. We will need to gather referee’s bank account details to allow for this, and all relevant data protection and security measures will be strictly adhered to.

3. New expense form detailing AA route planner journey distances will be available on (see below) AA Route planner will be the mileage calculator used for claims to allow a single source for cross checking by the Connacht Branch

4. Members must submit a complete form on time by the default dates as above in the correct format, otherwise it will not be possible to process claims. Claims cannot be assessed retrospectively and therefore must be submitted on time, the use it or lose it rule applies

5. It will be possible to hold payment of claims if preferred by any members until the May payment, but the 3 claim forms must be submitted on time as above.

6. Only mileage and reasonable expenses i.e. Tolls will be reimbursed, if unsure please consult with ARCB Treasurer prior to incurring the expense. This will ensure there is no disappointment at claim time.

7. For reference, allowed claims are from your home to the fixture and back home (please no circular routing)

8. Tolls are allowed.

9.Overnights and subsistence only by prior agreement including IRFU appointments

10. The only non-match travel claims allowed are for workshops (ARCB group or committee meetings are not allowable)

11.No claims under 30km or travel to your home club.

When filling out your expenses, please complete the 2 forms below and forward to

ARCB Bank Details Form

ARCB_Expense_Form _2019/20