Rugby For Children Session 1


Rugby For Children Session Plan (Non Contact) Age Group Under 9, 10, 11, 12

This week's session is ideal for coaches running a non-contact session concentrating on passing. Each game or activity can run from 5 – 12 minutes and are ideal for pods of 15 or less.

Play Zone Game 1 , End Ball

Skill Zone Passing 1 Pass It On

Game Zone 2 Numbers Touch

Play Zone Game 2, Ten Passes

Skill Zone Passing 2 L Drill

Game Zone 1 Offload Touch

  • In your training pod, teams can be divided up at the start. Example 7 vs 7.

  • Rotating between activities and games will keep the players engaged and active.

  • Coaches can have activities/pitches set up beforehand so players can move easily between zones.

  • With all RFC sessions our main aim is happy players involved in the session.


Rugby For Children Player is....... Active

• They play in varied sessions rotating between Game Zone, Play Zone and Skill Zones. Challenged

• Introduced to new games, skills, ideas and approaches each week, keeping the players excited and on their toes.


• Coaches use a mixture of open ended questions to establish what the players know. “What are we doing well?”
“What do you see?”
“Can anyone tell me what we should do when.......?”

“Who is doing it well at the moment?” “What could we do differently?”

Having fun

• If players are having fun, they will come back each week ready to go. RFC, Move, Play, Learn.