Technical Zones



(i) The playing enclosure should be defined preferably by a fence, if not by ropes.

(ii) If there is a stand, seats should be made available for replacements.

Two technical zones are to be designated, clearly marked in white paint, eachcnine metres long and three metres wide and not less than two metres from the touchline, one on either side of the halfway line, in which benches should be placed and a zone should be allocated to each team. The attendants and replacements must remain within their zone. The referee has the authority to order them out of the playing enclosure if they fail to adhere to this requirement.

(iii) Ball boys and a limited number of press photographers may also be permitted inside the enclosure.

(iv) Replacements and substitutes must enter the field of play from the technical zones and be introduced by the replacement touch-judge.

(v) Each team must nominate to the referee its medical officer, team attendant / physiotherapist and coach. The coach cannot act as team attendant who is the only person permitted on the field during the match, and only to attend to an injured player. Players requiring water or drinks must come to the touch line.

(vi) Coaches are precluded from entering the playing enclosure (excluding the coach may come on to the field to speak to his team.

(vii) Kicking tees may be used by individual kickers for personal use.

(viii) The home club should supply touch judge flags.