Welcome to the home of the Association of Referees Connacht Branch. If you are a current referee and would like to know more there is plenty of information below.

About the ARCB 

The Association of Referees Connacht Branch have three core objectives:

  • To facilitate the playing of rugby matches through the provision of referees and other relevant officials
  • To promote active participation in rugby refereeing and associated activities
  • To develop the referee skills of the Association's members.

Committee Members

President: Des Roache
Senior Vice-President: John Davey
Junior Vice-President: Peter Gaughan
Rugby Chairman: Tom Horkan
Honorary Secretary: Jon Hunt
Honorary Treasurer: John O'Boyle
Schools Co-Ordinator: Katie Kilbane
PRO: Mark Callanan
Committee Member: Frank Fahy
C&C Games Administrator: Cathal Roddy
Referee Development Manager: Joy Neville

Referee Resources

Find useful referee resources below. 


The rules and regulations governing the ARCB

Concussion Guidelines

Learn about best practice when dealing with concussion-related issues.

Red Card Forms

The relevant forms for referees to report a red card

Injury Reporting

What to do to report a serious injury on the field of play

Laws of the Game

Read World Rugby's Laws of the Game for Rugby Union

Contact the ARCB

The ARCB will be happy to help on anything you need.