Martin Gallagher DRM Connacht Rugby – I am delighted that Sligo RFC have taken this opportunity in supporting this excellent development programme between Sligo and Holywood, Belfast Rugby Club – Connacht and Ulster Rugby has had a long standing relationship as part of the Irish Inter Provincial Rugby Series – Sligo Sport & Recreation are an outstanding LSP in Ireland and Deirdre Lavin, Diane Middleton and their colleagues work tirelessly to develop opportunities and provide children and adults at every turn a chance to participate in healthy fun sporting activities we (Connacht Rugby) are only too happy to be supportive of this initiative and will do all we can to ensure its success.

Brendan Leahy – President Sligo RFC. We are pleased to be working with Sligo Sport & Recreation and look forward to renewing our relationship with Holywood RFC in the New Year. It is initiatives like this that ensures the game grows stronger in Connacht and Ulster and provides Sligo RFC with greater opportunities to grow the game locally.

‘Sporting Peace’ is a cross border club/community sports project involving strategic collaboration between community and public sectors in Sligo, Omagh, Belfast and Enniskillen. Community cohesion and the fostering of an understanding, respectful society at grass root level through out County Sligo will be fostered through the involvement of 5 sports clubs, including Sligo Rugby Club.
Project Aim:    Sporting Peace aims to develop a shared and reconciled society through the medium of sport.                                              
‘Sporting Peace’, and the strategy for its delivery, embraces key target groups and issues as outlined under the Peace III programme. Reinforcing progress towards a peaceful society and promoting reconciliation will be addressed and enforced through targeted club sport programmes, extensive cross border programmes and leadership/ empowerment initiatives. Challenging attitudes towards reducing levels of sectarianism and racism will be facilitated through seminars, workshops, innovative peace building games and will address issues including equality, sustainable development, sectarianism, racism and partnership.
As part of this initiative, Sligo Rugby Club has developed an agreed Sporting Peace Club Action Plan involving the following project elements:
·    Attend all SSRP project meetings and workshops
·    Complete a Club Diversity Audit
·    Implement an Inclusive Club Policy
·    Attend coaches workshops on Inclusive Games and implement into club training sessions
·    Host an inclusive  ‘Come and Try’ event
·    Develop and promote a club slogan promoting peace and reconciliation
·    Attend SSRP’s Peace Through Sport Coaching  Conference’ in 2010
·    Establish a Cross Border Club Link
·    Attend/host 2 Cross Border twinning initiatives promoting peace and reconciliation through themed workshops
·    Complete a Progress report, monitoring and evaluation returns as requested
·    Promote the initiative and the funding body in all publicity in relation to the project


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