The Level 1 course is for coaches working with 15 a side teams. The course deals with the Principles of Play by developing them through the use of Key Factor Analysis, applied to the Individual skills, mini-unit skills, unit and team skills.

At the end of the course the coach is expected to identify and rectify technical deficiencies together with the ability of planning, organising, managing, communicating and developing the skills of his/her players through the implementation of sport specific and generic modules.

The course develops the coach as ‘Challenger’.

Entry criteria

• Participants must have proven rugby playing/coaching experience
• Actively coaching a 15 a side team (Stage 3 LTPD)
• Above 18 years of age

Accreditation (1 Season)

• Full course attendance (including two link courses)
• Laws test (paper)
• Log 40 hours coaching (diary) at appropriate level
• 1 practical coaching assessment
• Participants must be 18yrs of age


Actively Coaching for 4 years at appropriate level (Stage 3 LTPD) and update clinic (4 years)
Liable to adjustment as required


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