The level 3 course is for Head Coaches working with advanced adult and representative teams. The course develops the coach as ‘Leader’.

At the end of the course the coach should be able to demonstrate a competency in planning, alignment of plans empowerment underpinned by a greater self-awareness of personality and leadership style. The four sub-sections:


– Operational plans, periodised (fitness & conditioning) seasonal plans, game planning based on team profile and planning for specific opposition and long-term development.
– Alignment of Plans.
– Coaching skills, presentation skills, media skills, time management, match management, match analysis, sports psychology (profiling & mental skills), conflict resolution and selected rugby specific modules.
– Empowerment.
– Leadership and high performance coaching.
– Character.
– Develop greater self-awareness, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills through Personality profiling.

Entry Criteria

– By invitation (5 minimum & 12 maximum participants).
– Currently Branches are invited to nominate candidates to the IRFU who they believe will play a significant role in coaching their representative teams and who satisfy the following:

• Accredited level 2 coach
• Head coaching position – at the appropriate level (Stage 5)
• Signed the Letter of Intent* (following interview)
*Priority will be given to head coaches working at the higher levels

Stage 5 LTPD Head Coaches Coaching Course (Level 3)

1. Senior Representative XV
2. Senior Representative ‘A’ XV
3. Senior Club XV (division 1)
4. Representative U20’s
5. Senior Club XV (division 2)

Accreditation (minimum 2 Seasons)

The requirements are outlined in the Letter of Intent**. Basically, full course attendance, the implementation of the High Performance Coach Monitoring programme together with the submission of various self-assessments and written assignments.


– The accreditation is for 4 years (applied coaching), attendance at a refresher course will be required for re-accreditation. 
– Liable to adjustment as required.


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