Next season there’ll be a new-look Season Plan for our Youths & Schools players.

Some of our Club & Community team have been explaining the changes, and why our next generation will benefit from it.

A summary of the video below:

Structural Changes:

  • Activities are structured into 6-7 months, allowing players to play more regularly
  • Introduction of a mid-season break (6/7 weeks)
  • Additional structures added, end of season festivals, participation games and talent development blocks

End of Season Festivals:

  • Takes place at final stages for clubs and schools
  • Allows inclusion for players who are not involved in cups or plates

Participation Games:

  • 5 participation games have been introduced into next season, bringing more regular games
  • Allows inclusion for all players and gives everyone a chance to have fun and experiment with their skills

In Connacht there’s #StrengthInCommunity #GrassrootsToGreenShirts

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[VIDEO] New Season Changes for Youth and School


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