Turning Defence to Attack

Tuam RFC hosted Connacht Coaching’s recent defence seminar featuring Eamonn Molloy and Mike Forshaw.
The theme of the evening was to show how your defence should culminate in attacking opportunities. Molloy presented the pros and cons of common defensive systems and how some are less likely to yield turnover opportunities than others, highlighting the key is for coaches to ensure that players understand and are able to operate in a number of different systems.

Connacht defence coach, Mike Forshaw focussed on how the Tackle contact area should be dominated by the defending team. He provided an innovative view of defenders on both sides of a space should close it leading to a double tackle and adopting wrestling techniques to control the tackle and and rip the ball free. He showed how this had been used to good effect in the recent Rabo game against Ospreys.

Many thanks to the officials and players of Tuam RFC for the facilities and braving the conditions to demonstrate techniques.

To enquire about future Seminars contact Eamonn Molloy: [email protected]



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