Two courses will take place in the next few weeks for those who wish to become qualified affiliate referees for the next four seasons.
The courses will take place on Creggs National School on Wednesday 18th September, and The Sportsground on Wednesday 9th October, with both courses starting at 7pm.
It is essential for those wishing to attend to register in advance here.
Here’s all you need to know about becoming an affiliate referee…
What are affiliate referees?
Club & school affiliate referees are not branch referees. Club and school affiliate referees are defined as adult persons (Aged 18 to 59). They are club or school members who are qualified to referee matches involving their own club or school where no Branch referee is available or has not been appointed.

They usually referee underage games and provide an important function in servicing the game at this level in their club or school.
Who appoints Club & School Affiliate Referees?
The responsibility for their appointment lies solely with their club or school.
Are they members of a Branch Referees Society or Association?
No, they are entirely separate. Club and school affiliate referees are a refereeing resource within their own club or school and have no involvement with their branch referee association / society.
Can affiliate referees affiliate to more than one club or school?
No, affiliate referees can only affiliate to one club and one school.
What games can they referee?
They are appointed by their club or school. They can only referee games involving their own club or school, home or away.


ARCB and Connacht Rugby holds two intro to refereeing courses