1. The date for this age group is U-14 on 1st. July 2008.


2. Yellow/Red card system will be in operation this season. Sin bin duration will be 7 mins.


3. The onus is on the home club to contact the Referees Assoc. (Padraig O'Connell 087-2638811) for a referee or failing this to supply a qualified associate referee themselves.


4. Coaches must exchange Team Sheets prior to Kick-Off. Failure by a coach to do this will result in his team forfeiting the points. Up until 30-Oct-08 team sheets must show players  name, IRFU reg. number, dates of birth, team number and position. From 01-Nov-08 IRFU reg. Cards must also be produced for all players.


5. Matches may only be postponed where both coaches are agreeable and where matches are re-fixed for the earliest possible date. Where pitches for re-arranged matches are unplayable or unavailable, matches must be transferred to the away club.


6. Match results must be forwarded to the Competition Secretary on the day of the match for the purpose of publication and updating of League tables.


The Jes reach last four with last minute winner