1.             This league shall be played under IRB under 19s Variation laws with the following exceptions:

1.1  There will be contested scrums (U19’s rules). A team should strive to have a qualified front row to start the match (see Competition points). If a team does not have a suitable front row for contested scrums, they will go uncontested. This is to be discussed by the two coaches before the fixture. If the match starts with contested scrums and a front row player becomes injured with no suitable cover from the bench, the match will proceed with uncontested scrums.

1.2 Matches may be played with:

                15 players with total panel of 22

                14 players with a total panel of 22

                13 players, with a total panel of 22

1.3  A team can not declare to play with 13 or 14 players when they have available replacement players.

1.4  A club unable to field at least 13 players must inform the opposition club as soon as possible. If they do not, they will refix fixture if both sides agree. If they cannot agree, the club unable to field concedes the match.

1.5  Rolling substitutions can be used (no need for cards).

1.6    Where a match is played with 13 players the match shall be of 70 minutes duration (35 min x 2), 14-15 players the match will be 80 minutes.

1.7    In a 13 per side match the scrum must be in 3-2-1 formation

1.8    In a 14 per side match, there will be a full scrum, and a backs player will be dropped.


2. Competition points will be awarded as follows:

4 points for a win

1 point for starting the game with a qualified front row

2 points for a draw

-2 points for conceding a walkover

4 points to a team given a walkover

Bonus Point: 4 or more tries, 7 or closer in points.

2.1    If teams are equal on competition points at the end of the league rounds, the two teams will play each other to determine their ranking.

2.2    If at the end of normal time in a semi final the teams are on equal points, then 2 periods of 10 minutes extra time will be played. If teams are equal after extra time, a replay will take place at the Away team’s home ground. If at the end of the replay tries are equal a penalty shootout will decide the winner.

2.3    The winners of the semi finals will play at a neutral venue in the final. If after normal time in the final, the teams have scored equal points, two periods of 10 minutes extra time will be played. If the teams are still equal, the teams scoring the most tries in the final will be declared League Champion. If tries are equal a penalty shootout will decide the winner.

3. Defaulting Fixtures

                Clubs that do not fulfill one or more of their fixtures will have their league status reviewed at the    end of the              season.

4. Referees

The Home team is responsible for arranging the appointment of a qualified referee. Connacht clubs are to ring Eoin Hegarty on 091 561568 or e-mail [email protected] to arrange a referee before the 12:00 pm on Tuesday of that week.


5. Abandonment

5.1    The home team makes all arrangements regarding booking pitches for the match. If a pitch is unplayable the away team must be notified at the latest 24 hours prior to the scheduled kick-off time, for a match to be rescheduled.

5.2    If a clubs travels and was not notified that the pitch was unplayable, the home team may lose the points. This matter will be decided by the Competitions committee.

5.3    In the case of extraordinary weather conditions where the referee decides that it is unsafe for a match to be played or continue, the date and venue for the rescheduled fixture will be decided by the Competition committee’s women’s liaison officer

6.  Scheduling of Fixtures


6.1    The fixtures will be set to be played on Sundays. If both clubs chose to play a match midweek, they need to let the Competition committee’s officer and liaison officer know by e-mail.

     6.2     A fixture may only be moved in extraordinary or compassionate circumstances, and with the agreement of both      clubs. The league competition coordinator must be informed in writing of the rearranged fixture by both clubs                               involved in the fixture as soon as possible.

7.  Kick-Off Delay

                Any delay to the kick-off of a match maybe reported by the non-offending club to the liaison officer. It is advisable to have confirmation by the referee of any delay.

                The liaison officer will then take appropriate action, when all the circumstances have been taken into           consideration. It may lead to the fixture being awarded to the non-offending club.

If a pitch is unplayable due to weather, or if the referee does not turning up (and no associate referee is available),   the competitions liaison officer will decide on the               rescheduled fixture date.

8.  Match Day Forms & Results

8.1    It is the responsibility of both teams to properly fill out and sign the referee’s match card 15 minutes prior to kick off.


8.2    Both teams are to e-mail their team sheets to the Competitions coordinator by lunch time the following Wednesday.


The home team is to answer the text message sent by Sports Manager when they have the result of the match.


Player Registration and Eligibility

  1. Registration of Eligible Players

9.1    Seven days prior to the commencement of the Connacht League, each Club playing in the League and Cup shall submit to the Branch a list of its eligible playing members who are registered with the appropriate Branch, complete with registration numbers. A person may be registered as a playing member with one Club only. 

9.2    This list may be amended to add:

9.2.1           players registered for the first time

9.2.2           players entering adult rugby having attained the age of 18 years

9.2.3           players leaving a European University / College at the completion of their course of studies  

9.2.4           players transferring from one Club to another Club with the written consent of the former Club, however their participation in the competition may be limited.



Competitions Liaison Officer:                       Maire Murray    0860576809         [email protected]

Competitions Committee Officer                  John Carr            0872574537         [email protected]


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