Connacht Rugby Academy fitness coach Antoine Mobian, having isolated several aspects of wrestling training and modified techniques suitable for close-quarter rugby situations, is offering Connacht’s coaches the inside word.

The Monday, February 20 seminar, takes place at Branch Headquarters, Connacht Sportsground, College Road – Galway from 7pm.

Quite aside from technical tricks and and rugby-specific skills common to both wrestling and rugby, there is a conditioning and core element of benefit to players at any level. Mobian’s workshops will be of serious value to coaches who wish to improve players’ collective ability to exert more influence at the breakdown, and maul-situations, and individually in one-on-one tackles where players remain on their feet.gymwrestle

Similarly, the session would better equip coaches keen on introducing something new and challenging to traditional training sessions.

Rugby League and elite-level rugby union has long-subscribed to this brand of cross-training, and far from being restricted to the sports’ professional exponents wrestling elements apply to all levels of rugby, its technical nous and various degrees of player-improvement.

The full-contact demonstration will use academy players to showcase various techniques, and will run take place in Connacht HQ’s upstairs gymnasium and its outdoor astroturf facility. The invitation is open to any and all coaches from Connacht and the surrounding area.

It commences on Monday, February 20 at 7pm. Any queries please contact Connacht community coaching manager Eamonn Molloy at the branch office, 091 561568.


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